Are you ruled by your heart or your head?

Everyone has been in some kind of situation where they had to either think from their head or use their heart to make decisions. Do you want to know if you are ruled by your heart or head then take this quiz to get your answers?

Who rules me my head or heart?

Are you here to know if you are ruled by heart or head then you have come to the right place. Do you also get confused while making decisions that is because your heart is telling you something and your head is telling you to do something else. And then we want to what decision we made or we heard the heart or head. 

Am I ruled by my head or heart?

This quiz is made especially for this purpose to give you an answer to whether you are ruled by your heart or head. Our head is more practical and harsh where our heart is soft and emotional. So it's either hard decisions or soft ones. And to know which one are you ruled by taking this quiz. 


You think with your head you are more practical and take bold thoughtful decisions. 


You think from the heart. You are more sensitive and soft but you also have a good and big heart.