Does he like you?

Well looks like someone is here to know whether the boy she is thinking about likes her or not. It's very confusing nowadays to know whether someone likes you in a different way or it's just all friendly. If you wish to get answers then take this quiz.

Does he like me?

Are you also thinking about a guy whether he likes you or not? then you are at right place. We are very interested in know if a guy likes you or not because who knows we also grow feelings for him. If you want to know then take this quiz. 

Does that guy like me?

If you want to know whether the guy you are thinking about likes you not then take this quiz as this quiz is made for you to know the answers to this question. This quiz is very interesting and simple and will give a clear answer as well. 


Yes, that likes you. They are behaving in a certain way and dropping small hints as well 


No, he doesn't like you. He only sees you as a friend and you need to stop thinking this way as it might hurt you.