What City In California Should You Live In?

It's the Golden State, you wanna live in? With the amazing views, nightlife, opportunities, and whatnot know which city in California would suit you the best with this quiz!

Where Should I Live In California?

A country with loads of opportunities, development, and a crazy lifestyle! Are you confused about which city would suit you, as per your likings and personality? It's time to take it light and take up this quiz that'll make your decision quick and less mind-boggling. 

What City In California Should You Live In Quiz:

Answer these interesting questions about yourself and get the best results, through this quiz. are you ready?


San Francisco 

The cool city for a more cool person like you! For a party animal and a person who likes to roam a lot, it is the perfect place to live in. 

San Diego 

A city with an idyllic climate, like you want! A place with the most tourist attractions and world-famous places, it was meant for you.

Los Angeles

The entertainment capital of the world, for a person like you, full of enthusiasm and zeal, this is the ideal place! Live in class, celebrate your cultures, and fall in love with the city in no time!

Santa Monica

For a person like you, this is the place you're looking for! A city with great views, exciting nightlife, and natural beauty. Stop thinking, this is your destination.