What kind of model should you be?

Modelling is a very amazing profession if you have enough passion and courage it requires. This job will make all your dreams come true but there are so many different kinds of models you may not know which one you want to be so that is why take this quiz to find out.

What kind of model can I be?

The modeling industry is as huge as you can remember. There is a model for every kind of fashion in the world and this might be overwhelming to choose. There are so many different categories of models to choose from so take its quiz to find out which one is best for you. 

What type of model should I choose to become?

There are so many types of models and too confusing to choose from them so take this quiz and answer some simple questions. This quiz is made for this purpose to end your confusion and give you a clear answer about what kind of model should you be. 

Runway model

You should be a runway model are hired to do a walk on the runway by wearing designer clothes in fashion shows. 

Swimsuit model 

You should be a swimsuit model they wear lingerie and have a very well-maintained body.

Commercial model

You should be in a commercial mode. These models advertise in catalogs, magazines and commercials. 

Fitness model

You should be a fitness model. These models have amazing bodies and they are asked to wear fitness attire. 

Fashion model 

You should be a fashion model. They are the faces of fashion magazines of top brands.