What Mythical Creature Is Hidden Inside You?

What does your inner personality, tell about you as a mythical creature? Let's know that in minutes by answering these short and simple questions.

What Mythical Creature Is Hidden Inside You?

It's the dragon, a vampire, or a werewolf, that's hidden inside you. Here's an amazing and fun quiz to know all of it!

What Mythical Creature Is Hidden Inside You Quiz

Are you as pure as an angel or as dangerous as a dragon? We have an answer to it!


Really passionate and sexually attractive, you make sure you get the one or the things you want. Hard-working, your carve for blood (success) 


Full of energy, you can deceive anyone. You have two sides- the good and the bad, it comes out according to the situation. You carry a hell of a lot of emotions, especially sexual. 


As majestic and unreal as a Unicorn. Beautiful inside out, people get attracted to you and also desire you, a lot. you're really passionate about things in life and want to achieve more.


As beautiful and charming as a fairy. You make things right and bring light to the lives of the people around you! You're full of affection, love and all one can ask for!