What type of hair do I have?

Hairs are of different textures, colors, lengths and have much more differences. Everyone's hair is also affected by genetics which also influences them. To know your hair type then take this quiz and find your answers.

What is my hair type?

We all have different kinds of hair and this is actually what makes us different from others as well. Our natural hair colors are different and textures are different. Our tells a lot about our personality and its condition tells a lot about how much we care about them. So if you want to know what type of hair you have then answered this quiz. 

What kind of hair do I have?

Do you also wish to know what kind of hair do you have? then you just have to answer some simple questions in this quiz and get your answers in just a few minutes. Hairs are a very distinctive part of our personalities let's see what kind do you have?


Straight hair

Your hair type is straight. Your hairs are easy to manage and take care of and can be opened whenever you want. 

Wavy hair

You have wavy hair and they are like breezy summery hairs they look very cute. 

Curly hair

You have curly hair and they look very cute when opened but they can be hard to manage.

Coily hair

You have coily hair which means your hairs are cuper curly.